Are you interested in receiving direct coaching from a former Crazy Racoon Fortnite professional player in an esports pro-gamer experience camp?

CR Gaming School, an online gaming school, boasting 100% satisfaction holds an esports pro-gamer experience camp for the second time!

Game & Co. Inc. is pleased to announce that we will be holding a two-day esports professional gamer experience camp for elementary through high school students on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24, 2024, in collaboration with the popular professional gaming team Crazy Raccoon.

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CR Fortnite CAMP Information

CR Fortnite CAMP, an esports pro-gamer experience camp run by CR Gaming School, is characterized by its feature to simulate the experience of being a pro-gamer, with direct coaching from Crazy Racoon members and special guests, and a variety of projects that allow participants to experience success.

The camp also aims to develop logical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills through its programs.

A total of 19 students participated in the CR Fortnite CAMP held in early August 2023 for 4-9th grade students, and the survey showed a 100% satisfaction rate.

Reference Press Release (Japanese versions only)
100% satisfaction rate! Report on esports pro-gamer experience camp for elementary and junior high school students! (August 22, 2023)

CR Fortnite CAMP held in early August 2023

Voices of participants of the CR Fortinite CAMP held in early August 2023

My child was very inspired by the aspiring professional gamers of his age group, and it motivated him to work even harder. He was very happy to meet Ruri in person and to be coached by him. Thank you very much. (Junior high school 1st grade, male / parent)

I enjoyed it because I felt I was getting better and better by overcoming my weaknesses. (Junior high school 3rd grade, female)

It was good to have people I wouldn’t normally meet as coaches and to get to wear uniforms. (Elementary school 6th grade, male)

About the CR Fortnite CAMP

(1) Direct coaching by Crazy Raccoon members!
Ruri from Crazy Raccoon and Tompi?, an official Fortnite caster, were the main coaches and provided direct coaching at the venue. We will also have multiple tutors to provide a full educational environment and a safe and secure operation system.


Ruri joined the Crazy Raccoon Fortnite division in 2019 and is well known as the first Japanese player to achieve a Victory Royal at the world tournament.
He finished 33rd in the Fortnite world cup in July 2019 and also performed well in the FNCS in 2021. Currently, he focuses on streaming activities in the STREAMER division of CR.

Official X:


Tompi? is a game caster who has provided live commentary for many online FPS game tournaments. He is currently the official anchor for Epic Game’s “Fortnite”. He has appeared on TV and at many major events, including events he has hosted himself.

Official X:

(2) Simulated experience (work experience) of a professional gamer 

Many plans and contents will be prepared to make you feel like a pro-gamer, including a tournament with live action and post-game interviews!
Limited event uniforms will also be presented.

*The actual design may differ from the image shown in the picture.

(3) Leave your 2-day experience as a booklet in a tangible form

An original booklet summarizing the two-day experience, which can be used as a record of individual activities, is distributed!
It can be used within the event as well as a form of communication with parents.

Event Information

Saturday, 23rd March & Sunday, 24th March, 2024

CR GAMING SPACE @Frame Jinnan-zaka, 1-18-2 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


24 (minimum number of participants 18)

– 4th grade to 9th grade students
– Students must be able to attend and communicate in Japanese.

Things to bring: Lunch and beverages

*If you are playing on Nintendo Switch, PS5 or PS4, you will need to bring your own gamepad and connect it to your PC for the lesson.
*Only a PC, keyboard, mouse, and headset will be available for use during the lesson.
*You can bring your own devices, but you will need to set them up on the day of the lesson.
*Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

How to sign up
Please access the official website and read the “CR Fortnite CAMP Service Information Document for Parents” before applying.

Day 1
10:00~ Registration and orientation
10:30~ Recreation
14:00~ Lesson
16:00~17:00: Professional gamer certification ceremony

Day 2
10:00~ Registration and orientation
10:30~ Lesson
15:00~ Game competition
16:00~ Review and closing ceremony

Comment from Atsutoshi Kubo, Director of Game & Co. Inc.

Since the word “esports” began to spread throughout the world, the esports culture has continued to grow.

In the esports scene, the age range of “Fortnite” players is relatively low, and there are many professional gamers in the competitive scene who have started their activities at the age of 14 or 15. Because the world of professional gaming is not based solely on merit, we believe that it is necessary to work with parents to understand in advance why they want to become a professional, what they want to do after becoming a professional, and what options they will have after becoming a professional.

CR Fortnite CAMP is run to provide a special experience for all participants, including parents, where they can come into contact with various role models in esports.

Reference Press Releases

– Brave group subsidiary “Game & Co.” launches online gaming school in collaboration with popular professional gaming team “Crazy Raccoon” (February 23, 2023)

– CRGS, a popular online game school with a 100% satisfaction rate and over 90% of students feeling that they have improved their skills, has begun accepting applications for its second term! A wide range of students from junior high school students to those in their 50s are taking the course (May 25, 2023)

– 100% Satisfaction! Report on esports pro-gamer experience camp for elementary and junior high school students! (August 22, 2023)

About CR Gaming School

CR Gaming School” is a joint venture between “Game & Co.”, which has the vision of “working for esports 100 years from now”, and “Crazy Raccoon”, which aims to develop esports based on the theme of “making gamers look cool and attractive”. The school is an online game school specializing in “improving gaming”.

About Crazy Raccoon

“Crazy Raccoon” is a team formed in April 2018 and is actively working to develop esports with the theme of “making gamers cool and attractive”.
Currently, the team is active in various divisions such as VALORANT, Fortnite, APEX LEGENDS, and Streamers. All players boast top-level abilities in Japan, and many of our members are competing on the world stage.
The team has over 8 million Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers, respectively, and is active in a wide range of activities such as video posting, streaming, and event appearances as an esports team with both influential and talented players.


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