Introducing The First Pro-Gamer Camp Experience Where Elementary & Junior High School Students Can Strengthen Critical Thinking & Team Works Skills Via Fortnite! ~ A Summer Vacation Experience Developed By The Accomplished CR Gaming School~

TOKYO, Japan July 6, 2023 – Game & Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Brave group, is pleased to announce, in collaboration with the world renowned professional esports team Crazy Raccoon, the CR Fortnite CAMP; A summer camp where elementary and junior high school students can learn from some of the best in August 2023.

CR Fornite CAMP:
CR Gaming School:

About the CR Fortnite CAMP

This intensive summer vacation program promises to give its young participants a rare glimpse into the world of professional gaming and what it takes to compete at that level: Crazy Raccoon members and other special guests will provide instructions and training that will not only give participants a gaming boost but help adolescents develop their logical thinking, leadership prowess, and teamwork.

CR Fornite CAMP Period: Saturday, August 5 ~ Tuesday August 8, 2023 (JST)
Frame Jinnan-zaka1-chōme-18-2 Jinnan, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0041
Price: 94,600 Yen (Tax Included)
Capacity: 40 People, First Come First Served

The camp is open to everyone from fourth year elementary school students to third year junior high school students, or 4th through 9th graders.
*The course is only offered in Japanese at this time.

Please apply on the official website:


Day 1: Orientation & Recreation
Day 2: Lessons Begins
Day 3: “Becoming A Pro Gamer” Seminar
Day 4: Tournament


CR Fornite Camp Benefits:

1. Get Coached By Crazy Raccoon!

Crazy Raccoon’s own Ruri will be personally handing the coaching & instruction live from the CR GAMING SPACE. Other hand-picked tutors and overseers will be on hand to ensure a professional & safe educational environment.
Crazy Racoon boosts 8 million followers and is known as amongst the best within the Japanese esports world.

Ruri was the first Japanese player to win a Victory Royal at the Fortnite World Championships and has many other tournament achievements to their name. They currently stream for Crazy Raccoon.

     2. Experience What A Professional Gamer Experiences

The training & experiences will give all attendees a taste of the Pro-Gamer life, including tournaments with post-game interviews!

Attendees will also receive a special team uniform.

*The actual design may differ from the image shown in the picture.




       3. Take Your 4 Day Experience Home With You With Your Notebook

The CR Fortnite Camp Notebook will summarize the key points of each lesson and evoke memories of camp-goers first pro-gaming experience.

Of course attendees can add their own notes and use said book to share with their parents their stories and accomplishments.



Comment From Game & Co. Manager Atsutoshi Kubo
Since the word “esports” began to spread throughout the world, the esports culture too gained traction.
We are working to expand the esports scene with business activities that get more and more people to partake in esports as fans or players.
While there are many mass education & online avenues to receive education for the likes of language, nutrition, and other fields, only few options exist to meet the demand of game enthusiasts wanting to take their skills to the next level. We decided to step in.
Linking with leading Japanese esports Crazy Raccoon, we’ve launched the CR Gaming School for those serious about leveling up their play


About The CR Gaming School

CRGS, an premium esports educational curriculum made to “up your game,” was developed by Game & Co, who exist to usher in “100 years of esports,” and the widely popular Crazy Raccoon who strive to make gaming not only accessible but cool to all,

48 audition passing students, out of over 100 applicants, have been taking lessons since the first semester started in February 2023. Some still in junior high school, some in their 50s, and about half in the working-population, the program’s overseas a variety of learners. Out of the 28 servants surveyed, 92.9% said they’ve seen improvements to their gaming prowess already.

About Crazy Raccoon
Crazy Raccoon was established in April 2018 with the mission of making gamers more attractive to the world, and thus set out on the conquest of esports. Currently active in VALORANT, Fortnite, and APEX LEGENDS amongst other streaming endeavors, each and every member possesses the sharpest of abilities. With over 8 million Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers cumulatively, Crazy Raccoon continues to excel in a number of different fields, including streaming, video content, and at esports events with their team full of talented and influential esports athletes.

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