The CR Gaming School, Boasting A 100% Satisfaction Rate, Launches New Valorant Course ~Enjoy One On One Lessons With Professionals, Daily Chat Support, and Lectures By Famous Special Guests~

TOKYO, Japan August 28, 2023 – Game & Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Brave group, is proud to announce to the line-up of courses offered by their esports educational CR Gaming School a VALORANT training program.


Please apply for an information session via the official website.

CR Gaming School is, an premium esports educational curriculum made to “up your game,” developed by Game & Co, who exist to usher in “100 years of esports,” in collaboration with widely renowned pro-esports collective Crazy Raccoon who strive to make gaming not only accessible but cool to all.
Having received permission & license from the developers at Riot Games themselves, CR Gaming School officially announces open registration for their upcoming VALORANT course, a competitive game that’s taken the esports world by storm.

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Over 70 audition passing students, out of over 150 applicants, have been taking lessons since the first semester started in February 2023. Some still in junior high school, some in their 50s, and about half in the working-population, the program’s overseas a variety of learners. Out of the 28 servants surveyed, 92.9% said they’ve seen improvements to their gaming prowess already.

1st Semester Student Testimonials

  • “It’s so beneficial to be in such close proximity to, and be able to get advice from, pro-players who are normally inaccessible.” – Female college student in her 20s.
  • “Playing against actual Crazy Raccoon members, largely impossible otherwise, has been an extremely valuable experience I’m very happy with.” Female office worker in her 30s.
  • “Thinking about my abilities before and after starting with CRGS, I feel I’ve improved in so many ways, I see myself scoring more points, and ultimately I’m much more motivated.” Male office worker in his 20s.
  • “My motivation swells up after each lesson, and the lessons are fun too!” Female college student in her teens

CRGS is dedicated to continually taking in feedback improving its services to further achieve its mission to help students up their game.


Please visit the official website for more general information.

CR Gaming School Program Outline:
The CR Gaming School manifested as a means to help those who truly care about upping their gaming potential.

Students will be matched with professional coaches after careful consideration in regards to each learner’s specific needs and given guidance with the aid of a custom chart-progression system as well as scheduled practice time in weekly one-on-one lessons. “CR Gaming School” students will also have access to coach expertise at any time via chat support to receive additional consultation about games relevant in the esports world like “APEX Legends.”

Key Points Of CRGS

1.You’ll be able to fit in your gaming study within your work schedule.
The core of the CRGS consists of once a week one-on-one lessons, with special instruction from official Crazy Raccoon members. Individual lessons can be planned to fit your scheduling needs, whether you’re worried about whether attending classes for several years really is possible, or if it will be possible to balance with your job or other education commitments.

2.Take classes with carefully screened and selected coaches.
CR Gaming School features a roster of incredibly knowledgeable coaches ranging from former pro players, top grade analysts, and those who currently coach for professionals. Amongst the best of the esports world, everyone involved is committed to the mission of getting who they’re coaching where they need to be with their game.


3.Receive special guidance weekly by the Crazy Raccoon pro team.
Fan favorite pros from the Crazy Raccoon team will give students advice every week they won’t find anywhere else, like insight into the improvement process and discussion on in-game mindset for example.

4.CRGS provides custom progression charts to track progress.
Students’ abilities are thoroughly analyzed on almost 100 different points, detailed on the in-program charting system. Visualizing this analysis will help students understand where they’re succeeding and where they need to focus their efforts on going forward.

Example Chart

▼Our Services Compared To Others

Our Plans

Length Details Price (w tax)
6 Months 24 One on One Lessons

24 Special Guidance Sessions With CR Members

Enrollment Benefits, Daily Chat Support, Analysis Charts, Exclusive Student Events

451,000 Yen
12 Months 48 One on One Lessons

48 Special Guidance Sessions With CR Members

Enrolment Benefits, Daily Chat Support, Analysis Charts, Exclusive Student Events

820,600 Yen


Please Visit Our Official Website For A Free ZOOM Information Session:



VALORANT is a highly competitive 5-on-5 tactical shooter. Featuring authentic firefights needing precision accuracy all while wielding with special abilities unique to the playable  “agents,” the game blends strategery, flexibility, and opportunities created do-or-die moments inspiration that lead the team to victory. The competitiveness built into every map ensures that players will always experience cutting edge combat, even after thousands of hours of play. All for free. Riot Games is fully committed to building a system that ensures the competitive nature of tactical shooters and a gaming experience worthy of the best of FPS games, including the development of best-in-class dedicated game servers and infrastructure around the world along with a  detailed anti-cheating system.

Official VALORANT Japan Website:
Official VALORANT Japan Twitter:


About Crazy Raccoon:
Crazy Raccoon was established in April 2018 with the mission of making gamers more attractive to the world, and thus set out on the conquest of esports. Currently active in VALORANT, Fortnite, and APEX LEGENDS amongst other streaming endeavors, each and every member possesses the sharpest of abilities. With over 8 million Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers cumulatively, Crazy Raccoon continues to excel in a number of different fields, including streaming, video content, and at esports events with their team full of talented and influential esports athletes.


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