Breaking Down The MyNavi e-College VALORANT Finals, Presented by MyNavi and Brave group ~The Culmination Of An Ongoing Series Of Games Starting From January 2023, 4 College Teams Will Clash In Akihabara On March 22, 2023~

Tokyo, Japan March 20, 2023 – Brave group and The Mynavi Corporation are eager to co-present the Mynavi e-College VALORANT finals coming to Akihabara March 23, 2023.

The Mynavi e-College esports National University Championship

esports as a phenomenon has outgrown the boundaries of hobby and fun alone, now offering college students a multitude of ways to learn and come together with one another. Now something worth spending one’s dear college years on, this tournament exists as a way to give students all over Japan an esports event they can all enjoy as they fight their way to victory.

This first iteration of the MyNavi e-College tournament centers around VALORANT, a game with over 20 million players worldwide with a large number of university students following the game. This tournament shall crown the best VALORANT team in the Japanese university scene.

The First Mynavi e-College Finals

A miraculous group of VALORANT teams are coming to Akihabara, the heart of Japan’s anime & gaming culture, on Wednesday March 22, 2023.

Date: March 22, 2023 (Wed)
Doors: 11:00 AM (JST) Starts: 12:00 PM (JST)
Location: Bellesalle Akihabara 1st Floor

Game: VALORANT, By Riot Games

Mynavi e-College Finals Live Streams

Event Line-Up

Tournament Ambassadors: Moe Iori, Clutch_Fi

Tournament Commentators: OooDa, Taiga Kishi, yukishiro

Coaches: ade, SurugaMonkey, Zerost, Clutch_Fi

Participating Teams:
Nihon University – Nihon Penguins Team A
Kindai University – Kindai University esports Circle
Nihon University – Nihon Penguins Team B
Meiji University – Meiji e-Sports Club

Qualifying Rounds Overview

Group A
From the six teams that tussled in Group A, Nihon University’s Nihon Penguins Team A came out on top. They edged out the top ranked Nihon Bunka University’s DBesports A team to cinch the victory; Clearly a group of players with imaginative tactics and the skills to execute those ideas.

Group B
Kindai University found their way to the top keeping a level head from start to finish, proving patience a virtue indeed. Some fancy footwork allowed them to consistently retake stolen territory.

Group C
The most anticipated of the rounds, Nihon University and their Nihon Penguins B overtook the Group C round. They brought lots of incredible end-game plays to their qualifying matches, hopefully portending further greatness in the finals.

Group D
Winning all of their matches with flair, Meiji University’s Meiji e-Sports Club made the Group D qualifying round their own. Despite not originally garnering much fan support, they’ll be contended with in the finals all the same thanks to their explosive individual ability and high level tactics.

Leading Up To Mynavi e-College Finals

A Special esports Conversation:

Crazy Raccoon’s Ojiji, a team knownst to all in the realm of Japanese esports, joined by The Vspo! Virtual eSport Project for a passionate discussion that spanned the Mynavi e-College itself, what’s necessary for the university esports scene to blossom, and why people can be proud of spending their time in college on esports, among other topics. Despite being held on short notice, 4,000 people popped in live to watch the discussion by two leading figures in the world of Japanese esports and other 60,000+ viewers popped in after.

The Star Challenge:

From March 3 through March 10, 2023, the four finalist teams took part in a series of practice scrimmages against two all star teams: CRxFENNEL and CRxVspo!.

Japan’s top players and most skilled streamers gave the student teams some training to remember, with the teams and their coaches reviewing plays late into the evenings throughout the week.

Played out on 2 maps, these exhibition matches heated up more than anyone thought! Primarily held for study-purposes and reviewing tactics, Nihon Penguins A claimed one of the maps from one of the pro level all star teams, causing quite the stir! The students all basked in the chance to gain such valuable experience, and will take that passion into the finals.

Star Challenge Participants:


Crazy Raccoon: Wokka, Mondo
FENNEL: Festival, Curumi, Len


Crazy Raccoon: Francisco, Ruri, Cpt
Vspo!: Beni Yakumo, Ramune Shiranami

OooDa, Mittiii (3/10 Only)

Exhibition Match Results:
CRxFENNEL vs Nihon Penguins A – 1-1
CRxFENNEL vs Kindai University esports Circle – 2-0
CRxVspo! vs Nihon Penguins B – 2-0
CRxVspo! vs Meiji e-Sports Club – 2-0

Star Challenge Match Streams

Friday, March 3 2023
Friday, March 10 2020

Reminder! The Mynavi e-College VALORANT finals will be held on March 22, so mark those calendars. Anyone interested in esports will want to witness the birth of a new foothold in the college esports scene, as who knows what games will be played where next!

All are invited to come to the venue to watch these athletes give their all!

Mynavi e-College Finals Live Streams

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