Japanese esports Legends Crazy Racoon Launch “CR Gaming School” With Brave Group and Subsidiary Game & Co.

– Up Those Gaming Instincts With One On One Coaching From Experts, Progressing Charting, and Daily Contact. –


Tokyo, Japan February 21, 2022 Brave group, and its subsidiary Game & Co. in conjunction with the internationally renowned esports team Crazy Racoon, are thrilled to announce the February 23rd launch of the “CR Gaming School,” an online school tailor made to “up your game.”

All students who sign up for the “CR Gaming School” will be matched with a coach carefully selected to match each student’s specific needs. They’ll provide coaching in weekly one-on-one lessons utilizing the “CR Gaming School’s” unique progress charting system that gives a detailed breakdown of strengths and weaknesses. Students will also be able to, 24 hours a day, have questions fielded via chat support.

The “CR Gaming School” also offers free online instruction for the games popular the world over like “Apex Legends” among others. Free online information sessions will be held as needed with launch and continuation of this brand new educational service.

*Visit the official website, https://cr-gs.jp/, and register as a member, absolutely free, to join upcoming info sessions.

Additional Details

Background Information:
Game & Co. spun out of fellow Brave group subsidiary Virtual Entertainment, who have and currently manage the widely beloved and truly formidable gaming-centric Vtuber group, the Virtual eSports Project Vspo! in 2022 to further focus the compnies’ efforts on esports related activities. For “100 Years of esports” Game & Co. will continue to produce and manga large-scale esports tournaments as well as consult on the business end of the esports world.
A notable Japanese pro gaming team, Crazy Raccoon strives to deepen the world of esports by not only taking part in tournaments, but hosting tournaments like the “CR Cup” and tireless streaming efforts. 

The esports market expands with each passing year, and with that expansion bigger swaths of people are taking the sport seriously. International tournaments have likewise garnered more attention than ever, such as the “Olympic Virtual Games” held as a precursor to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and esports’ official inclusion from the 2022 Asian Games onward. These trends have also led to bigger esports participation and viewership within Japan than ever before.

With this unprecedented growth, guiding the next generation of esports will be a challenge, and so Game & Co and Crazy Raccoon have developed the “CR Gaming School” to both further the field of esports education more broadly and give individuals who truly want that fighting chance in the esports arena a novel way of learning what they need to know


CR Gaming School Program Outline:
The CR Gaming School manifested as a means to help those who truly care about upping their gaming potential.
Students will be matched with professional coaches after careful consideration in regards to each learner’s specific needs and given guidance with the aid of a custom chart-progression system as well as scheduled practice time in weekly one-on-one lessons. “CR Gaming School” students will also have access to coach expertise at any time via chat support to receive additional consultation about games relevant in the esports world like “APEX Legends.”
*Tutelage on additional games to be included as needed.
The service will continually be developing new ways to support students’ relationships with esports. In time, the CR Gaming School will be expanded to include support for students looking to specifically enter the world of professional gaming for those, providing information on joint tryouts for professional teams to those who meet certain criteria. Specific individuals also may be able to take the CRGS coach certification exam. Others will be able to attend information sessions about esports companies for those looking to enter the esports industry on the business side.


Key Points:

  • You’ll be able to fit in your gaming study within your work schedule.
    The core of the CRGS consists of once a week one-on-one lessons, with special instruction from official Crazy Raccoon members. Individual lessons can be planned to fit your scheduling needs, whether you’re worried about whether attending classes for several years really is possible, or if it will be possible to balance with your job or other education commitments.
  • Take classes with carefully screened and selected coaches.
    CR Gaming School features a roster of incredibly knowledgeable coaches ranging from former pro players, top grade analysts, and those who currently coach for professionals. Amongst the best of the esports world, everyone involved is committed to the mission of getting who they’re coaching where they need to be with their game.
  • Receive special guidance weekly by the Crazy Raccoon pro team.
    Fan favorite pros from the Crazy Raccoon team will give students advice every week they won’t find anywhere else, like insight into the improvement process and discussion on in-game mindset for example.
  • CRGS provides custom progression charts to track progress.
    Students’ abilities are thoroughly analyzed on almost 100 different points, detailed on the in-program charting system. Visualizing this analysis will help students understand where they’re succeeding and where they need to focus their efforts on going forward.

Example Chart:

▼カルテの一例 ※モザイク処理済

CR Game School VS Other esports Education Programs:


Length Details Price (w Tax)
6 Months 24 One on One Lessons

24 Special Guidance Sessions With CR Members

Enrollment Benefits, Daily Chat Support, Analysis Charts, Exclusive Student Events

451,000 Yen
12 Months 48 One on One Lessons

48 Special Guidance Sessions With CR Members

Enrollment Benefits, Daily Chat Support, Analysis Charts, Exclusive Student Events

820,600 Yen


Official Site: https://cr-gs.jp/


Online Information Session:
Platform: Zoom
Cost: Free
How To Sign Up: Visit the official website, https://cr-gs.jp/, and register as a member, absolutely free, to join upcoming info sessions.


About Crazy Raccoon:
Crazy Raccoon was established in April 2018 with the mission of making gamers more attractive to the world, and thus set out on the conquest of esports. Currently active in VALORANT, Fortnite, and APEX LEGENDS amongst other streaming endeavors, each and every member possesses the sharpest of abilities. With over 8 million Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers cumulatively, Crazy Raccoon continues to excel in a number of different fields, including streaming, video content, and at esports events with their team full of talented and influential esports athletes.

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