Brave group to co-produce “Mynavi e-college ~esports National University Championships~” helmed by Mynavi.

-A newly established esports event for university students who are passionate about esports to cultivate a deep esports culture that transcends play alone.-


Brave group is pleased to announce its subsidiary Virtual Entertainment, in tandem with Mynavi, will co-produce the“Mynavi e-college ~esports National University Championships~”: A brand new country-wide event tailor-made for university students who truly adore the world of esports.

About Working With Mynavi:

Brave group received its first round of funding in 2019 from Mynavi, then largely focusing its efforts on making their intellectual property flourish. In September 2022, the two companies entered into a capital and business alliance to further strengthen their partnership.

As part of this new effort Virtual Entertainment, having ample experience managing official and large-scale esports tournaments, has joined Mynavi to co-produce the “Mynavi e-college ~esports National University Championships~” for esports-loving university students from all across Japan.

Going forward, we hope to contribute to the further growth of the esports market through producing a variety of esports events targeting a wide variety of player-bases, outside solely university students, via utilizing the assets of both companies.


Overview of “Mynavi e-college ~esports National University Championships~”:

  • About The First Tournament
    The inaugural “Mynavi e-college” is scheduled to be held offline in March 2023. Further information will be released through the “Mynavi e-college” Twitter account of Mynavi e-college, which will be operational in the near future.
  • Launching The Discord Community
    We’ll start operation of a new Discord community in tandem with “Mynavi e-college” on November 1, 2022, to further enhance the realm of esports life for university students country-wide. With this community, we hope to foster communication amongst students that topples regional and inter-university barriers. Offering and nurturing a community beneficial to university students who enjoy esports, gives them a forum for useful esports-related communication, and a path to addressing concerns in the esports pantheon. Ultimately, we hope to provide esports-engaging university students an indispensable community resource.
    Starting November 1, 2022, the Discord will be open for a trial run to students in esports circles invited by Mynavi e-college.” During this time, we’ll take feedback and refine what we need to.
    In December, we plan to offer membership to all students.
    Information on how to join the Discord community will be provided on Twitter after we launch the aforementioned official account.


Mynavi On Entering esports:

  • Market Background

The esports market in Japan is ascending. According to “MDB Digital Search,” based on data by the Japan Management Association Research Institute, Inc, proclaimed that it will grow into a 50 billion yen industry by 2026. Japan has a large and active gaming population, making the potential demand for esports something to pay attention to.

In Japan, more than 200 universities, including some of the most renowned educational institutions, feature active esports clubs.  The number of university students who involve themselves with esports is rising, as is the esports market alongside it. 

While planning “Mynavi e-college” however, through the many interviews and surveys we conducted university students, we noted a lack of esports events that could inspire them to dedicate their time to cultivating achievements and taking pride in their achievements; Nothing to make these passionate students aspire to reach the pinnacle of their sport.

  • On Hosting This Tournament

The realm of esports has already grown out of being simply a hobby, quickly beginning to foster valuable opportunities for many college students to gain new experience, foster interaction, and mature. An increasingly valuable area to focus on during your college life, we will create new esports events that give purpose to college students across the nation curious about esports. We’ll strive to generate enthusiasm equal to or greater than that of conventional sports.

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